Colin Hwang | UCLA '18<br />
Videographer/Photographer<br />
<br />
Previous:<br />
Foundations Choreography | Media Director<br />
Cultural Affairs Commission | Marketing<br />
Campus Events Commission | Media<br />
Daily Bruin | Video Team<br />
STEEZY | Video Editor

Colin Hwang | UCLA '18

Foundations Choreography | Media Director
Cultural Affairs Commission | Marketing
Campus Events Commission | Media
Daily Bruin | Video Team
STEEZY | Video Editor

Hi, my name's Colin Hwang, and I'm an aspiring filmmaker and storyteller.   

My Current Gear:

-Sony A7iii

-Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art

-Sony FE 16-35mm f/4.0

-Glidecam HD-2000

Check out these super talented individuals in the UCLA community (also my friends!):

Terri Shih:

Chang Liu

Morris Lam

Cindy Thai (YouTuber)

Autographed Camera

Autographed Camera

During the LA world premiere of Wong Fu Productions' "Everything Before Us", I got Phil, Wes, and Ted to sign the back of my camera.

Photoshoot after a Videoshoot

Photoshoot after a Videoshoot

Where they shot one of the ending scenes of "The Dark Knight Rises"–had to do an impromptu photoshoot in this cool location after I shot a video here.

Working with NSU Modern

Working with NSU Modern

Filming a video for Stephanie Hernandez and the lovely dancers of NSU Modern. This was my third shoot in a 24-hour time span, and I was dead tired–but still smiling.

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