I hate heights. So naturally, I walked across 30+ rope suspension bridges 100 ft. in the air to take some pictures.

Went to visit part of the Amazon Rainforest in Iquitos, Peru this August. If I got anything out of this experience, it's that I am NOT a nature person. Humid weather, mosquitos relentlessly attacking everywhere, little critters poking at your feet: not a particularly pleasant experience for a technology-loving city boy like me.

Our tour guide thought it'd be fun to guide us to a little hole in the ground–he then explained that it was a tarantula nest. NOPE. I was outta there and walking away  like nobody's business.

We walked over to the next section, which featured a broken tree stump in the middle of the trail. Apparently there were some venomous frogs hiding inside. NOOOPE. It didn't help that while I was casually running away that I almost stepped on some 6-inch centipedes.


Nature? More like Nah-ture. Hah.

Still, it was cool to go to a place not very many people go to. Went piranha fishing (didn't catch any though), and spent some time visiting a local tribe to learn about their traditions.

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